Joint working with OT:

Dear Steph and Flo,

I wanted to email you both as I received your occupational therapy/ speech and language therapy discharge report. Thank you very much for sending this to me. It was so helpful to read it and I felt very pleased to read it.

Very importantly though I wanted to make a big, big thank you to both of you for being so amazing and so kind to me for such a long time. You were both so incredible and it made me so much better. I realise at times I was very upset/ angry/ frustrated but you were so supportive and understanding and made me feel so much better. You both were so brilliant at making me better at with reading, speaking, feeling better and much, much more through learning. I really appreciate it so much and I will always remember the both of you for what you have done for me.

To have a stroke/ brain haemorrhage/craniotomy has been the most difficult time that I have ever have had (not to help that it was made at my hotel straight after my wedding!!!)  to endure before but I have been so lucky that I have had so many kind and caring people to help me and it is very important for me to say that the two of you helped me so strongly. Not only did you just make me much happier, you also helped me feel so much stronger and that my abilities and my hard work has made me so much a better and braver woman. I am now very aware of how important that people like you both have helped so many people through your work.

I hope you are both well and I’m sure you will both continue being such amazing people.

Thank you again.